CREATE Financial Security for Yourself and Your Family

icon-moneyDivorce can mean the making the most important financial decisions of your entire life, but we are rarely emotionally equipped to make them!. Ask questions. Get different opinions from professionals. Read these articles. And, do not move forward until you are ready.

Remember, as Ginita says, "Divorce is not about manners - it's about survival."

Where to look for hidden assets during divorce

Six Places to Look for Hidden Assets

When couples divorce, mistrust abounds. One of the first things people think of when their spouse asks them for divorce is, he must have been stashing away money.

You know more about your financial situation than any stranger could, so before you hire a private eye to look for hidden funds, think carefully about your circumstances and how your spouse could have squirreled money away.


Should I Keep the House?

Divorce can shake you to your very foundations. Everything changes, and many people want to cling to the house as the only stability they find in a shifting world.

Whether keeping the house is your best option depends on many different factors. Here are what you need to consider in making that important decision.


Saving Money On Divorce

Many divorces these days are nasty, brutish, and all too long, not to mention damned expensive. With the average cost of divorce in the United States approaching $20,000 it is daunting to think about dissolving your marriage. Fortunately there are things you can do to save money on divorce, even if you are working with an attorney.