Amy Winchester

Within minutes of learning about the Second Saturday Divorce Workshops, I applied to be a Workshop Leader. Why? Because I went through my own divorce nightmare and I know how emotionally, mentally and financially challenging the divorce process can be and I want others to know, I am here and I can help them through it. These workshops offer a divorcee all the tools they need to confidently prepare for court hearings, conduct financial transactions and keep emotional stability for their family. I am excited to have such a wonderful team of professionals to present this workshop to my community in New Orleans.

I began my financial advising career in 1999 with Ameriprise Financial Advisors where I acquired my Certified Financial Planner® designation in 2005 and then, achieved the Chartered Retirement Planner Specialist® designation in 2008.  After a short break to focus on family and recover from my divorce, I joined Gulf Coast Wealth Management in 2014. For almost 20 yrs, it has been my passion to encourage, educate and empower people to live better financial lives – especially women. In November 2017, I joined The Divorce Resource Center for Women in New Orleans to provide financial leadership to women going through the divorce process and post-divorce recovery.  With these women, I have cried, fought aside and stabilized, not only their lives but their children’s future. I have been so blessed to be able to give back to women in need.

I have also made it my mission to educate children and teenagers about money management. Working with the National Council of Financial Educators, I have presented a number of financial literacy courses to children of various ages and actively promote these courses to different organizations and local schools for all educational levels. My main students are Allyson, Madylin and Sophia, my three daughters.

One of my favorite quotes and my daily motto is “Semper Fortis,” meaning forever strong in Latin.

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