Andrew Hatherley

I am a Second Saturday Leader because I think it is very important to educate everybody, women particularly, about divorce. Divorce may be the largest financial transaction of your life, yet it often takes place during a time of often intense emotions, a time when we don’t think straight and can make very bad decisions. I know.

I was divorced three years ago and I made some really bad decisions! I hope that by bringing the Second Saturday Divorce Workshop to Las Vegas, I can help people avoid some of the costly mistakes that I made and help them begin their new life with a sense of purpose and financial security.

I have two businesses in Las Vegas, Nevada. My financial advisory practice is The Retirement Solutions Group and my divorce practice is Wiser Divorce Solutions. When I am not working I like to read (current affairs, history, detective novels, psychology), write (I’m writing my second novel) and play guitar. I also like to travel (cruises and Latin America are favorites) and play tennis.

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