Second Saturday

Leader Huddle

Type: Leader Huddle Video: Runtime: 00:58:32 Date: June 30, 2020 Discussions: Online workshop, Social Media in a highly polarized time, Laura Wasser Podcast, and more…

Kimberly Surber, CFP® CDFA®

Women and finances…not a common combination.  But it should be!  As a woman in the financial world, my passion is teaching other women that they can stand tall and become financially successful.  I don’t want to do it for you, I want to empower you with the confidence, and guide you to the knowledge you …

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Dr. Shannon Edwards

Dr. Shannon Edwards is a Clinical Forensic Psychologist in Pittsburgh. She has extensive forensic and clinical experience working with juveniles, adults, and families. She provides co-parenting therapy, reunification therapy, supervised visitation, and other court-involved services for Family Court. She provides expert testimony to Family Court serving the best interest of the child. Dr. Edwards was …

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Julianne Lepo

Julianne Lepo, CDFA®  “An emotional crisis does not need to be a financial crisis.” With over 25 years of experience in wealth management, Julianne Lepo, CDFA®, takes a personalized, multi-faceted approach in helping individuals navigate the many financial and emotional challenges that come with the divorce process. Julianne firmly believes that an emotional crisis does …

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Julianne Lepo

Leader Huddle

Type: Leader Huddle Video: Runtime: 00:52:38 Date: May 25, 2020 Discussion: Zoom Workshop Discussion. Leaders share their experience with online (mostly Zoom) Second Saturday workshops. ?

Brenda Bridges

Several years ago, I started a new career as a financial advisor when my husband lost his job. I was teaching yoga at the time and didn’t think that was the best career to support three teenagers with college looming, provide health care benefits for my family, and still have some of the flexibility I’d …

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Divorce vs Legal Separation

If you think your marriage may be heading for divorce, is it worth considering a legal separation first? What is a legal separation, how is it different than a divorce, and is there any reason to involve the courts in your separation? A legal separation is an option worth considering for many couples, and it …

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Eileen Stoner

A woman in a man’s world.  Imagine having the same conversation over and over again with men who “handle all the finances” for their wives?  Imagine that your coworkers are also mostly men? As I’ve guided clients towards their investment goals over the years, they frequently tell me “my wife is not interested in this …

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Leader Huddle

Type: Informal Discussion Forum Audio: Runtime: 00:29:04 Topics Covered: Local promotion, including DivorceCare, Meetup, Nextdoor, Facebook, posting flyers on real-world bulletin boards, and a bit of conversation about compliance for financial professionals. NOTE: Approximately 1 minute is missing from the start of this recording. As the recording begins, DivorceCare is being discussed.

Donna Cates

Years ago as I was marketing my CDFA® skills to family law attorneys, I started getting referrals from these attorneys but post-divorce. I discovered that many women were making poor choices regarding their settlement options and I thought I could have helped educate both them and their attorneys prior to signing agreements. In 2008, I …

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Dana Wilson

I’m a big believer in the premise that when something is needed the answer appears. In my life, I have had the joy of experiencing that “mystery” again and again. Divorce, I can say from my own personal experience, is like a club in which no one is glad they became a member.  I recently …

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Richard Coles

I’ve worked as a Certified Financial Planner for over 30 years in England and the US, helping my clients to achieve their hopes and dreams. During that time, I’ve seen how divorce can disrupt couples’ plans for their shared future and potentially dash hopes of financial security. Therefore, in 2009, I became a Certified Divorce …

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Scott Small

As a Second Saturday Leader, my mission is to help guide those down a path I’ve already traveled – with the goal of trading fear and anxiety with knowledge, education, and understanding. Millions have gone before us, and millions more will follow. I wish I knew then what I know now and providing this information …

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Julie Johnson

I have always had a penchant for finances, starting with money-handling positions in high school, college and a family business as well as numerous organizations I have belonged to…I have enjoyed “handling the finances” wherever there was a need.  I remember as a little girl being given the “junk” mail by my mother, and immediately …

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She Was Married Less Than a Year and Filed an Uncontested Divorce, So Why Did It Cost Her Over $17,000?

After what she describes as a “whirlwind romance” in a new article on Business Insider, Jorden Barcus married her love. She was 21, just out of college, and had almost nothing to her name other than student debt. Just eight months later, Jorden recognized that passion and romance don’t always make a strong foundation for …

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