Featured Second Saturday Leaders

Please meet some of our many fantastic Second Saturday leaders!

Laura Boedges

I’m a Second Saturday leader because I live to serve others. It’s crystal clear to me that divorce just doesn’t have to be as destructive as it can be when it’s handled the traditional way, in the courts. There are so many other options! And, the workshop gives women the information they need to get …

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Kitty Bressington

Hosting the monthly Second Saturday workshops is a logical extension of our work here in Rochester to improve the overall financial literacy of the women in our region. So many women simply don’t know their options, what to watch out for, and how important it is to have a team to support them through the …

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Kelli Gargasz

Becoming a Second Saturday Leader gave me the opportunity to combine two of my personal and professional missions: Financial & Educational Equality. While I strongly believe everything in life should be fair and balanced, I know from personal experience that is not how this world works, especially for women. When I learned about Second Saturday …

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Lisa Byrne

Lisa Byrne, Divorce Consultant, has been working in the financial services field for over 20 years. Lisa specializes in working with clients pre-divorce and helps them prepare cash flow analysis, budgets and financial statements. During the divorce process, Lisa works closely with clients and their attorneys in analyzing spousal support proposals, asset splits, social security …

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