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How to Create a Child Custody Plan

After a divorce, you’ll face many new challenges as you and your ex-spouse continue to raise a child together while building your separate lives. As part of your divorce settlement, you’ll be expected to create a child custody plan (also known as a co-parenting plan) that must be reviewed and approved by the family court. …

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Let’s Talk About Child Custody

How Is Child Custody Determined, and How Can You Get the Child Custody Arrangement You Want? Physical items can be replaced, but time with your children is priceless. It’s no surprise then that determining child custody is often the most challenging and emotionally fraught part of any divorce proceeding. If you and your spouse can’t …

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Co-Parenting and Unemployment: How Job Loss Can Affect Your Co-Parenting Plans After a Divorce

As if going through a divorce weren’t traumatizing enough, our country is now facing the worst employment market since the Great Depression due to the coronavirus pandemic. If you have recently lost your job, what does that mean for your co-parenting plan, child custody arrangements, and any child support payments you might owe? Also, how …

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The Kids Are Just Fine

How much do parents need to worry that divorce will have a long term negative effect on their children? Fortunately, far less than you think. Research shows that the vast majority of children weather divorce safely.

Comfort for Kids Dealing with Divorce

How does divorce look from a child’s point of view? Even if life has not been rosy at home for some time, children may be very afraid of what the end of their parents’ marriage will mean for them.

Helping Children Adjust to Divorce

What can you do to lessen the long lasting effects your divorce will have on your children? Over a million children experience the divorce of their parents each year, and the trauma usually begins with distress in the home long before there is an actual separation and divorce.

What to Tell the Kids When You Divorce

It’s normal for parents to feel uncertain about how to give their children the right support through divorce or separation. Although it may be unknown territory, you can help your kids emerge from it feeling loved, confident, and strong.

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