Dave Guido

Dave GuidoUpon learning about the existence of Second Saturday I knew I had to be a part of this. My divorce nightmare was tough and left a lasting impression on me – I know the overwhelm of being a single dad, the financial changes we all experience and the emotional toll on everyone involved.

Second Saturday is a way to understand that you aren’t alone, that what you are going through is normal and part of the process and I believe fully that knowledge breeds empowerment. These workshops offer support, networking, education and hope for anyone going through the process and offer the tools necessary to prepare oneself for inevitable challenges ahead.

As a father of three teen daughters, I can’t think of a better way to support other kids going through the same transition as mine than to help empower their mothers. My wealth management practice is focused on rethinking life and living on your terms – that is why I work with Second Saturday as the workshops provide the knowledge and tools necessary to successfully manage your divorce.

I have partnered with a team wonderful team of professionals to present this workshop in Loudoun County.

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