Eileen Stoner

A woman in a man’s world.  Imagine having the same conversation over and over again with men who “handle all the finances” for their wives?  Imagine that your coworkers are also mostly men?

As I’ve guided clients towards their investment goals over the years, they frequently tell me “my wife is not interested in this stuff”.

I’ve asked myself “How can this be?  Don’t women need to be able to manage financial decisions just as much as men do?”

I knew I had found my calling; to help educate women about spending, saving, borrowing, giving and more when I partnered in a financial practice focused on retirement planning.   As a daughter, sister, wife, mom and professional, I knew that I had that female perspective on money matters through the seasons of life.  We women frequently approach money from the perspective of how it will impact our lives and the lives of the people we care most about.

What I’ve learned over 20+ years is that women sometimes are hesitant to insert themselves in financial matters because they don’t feel knowledgeable enough to be confident in financial decision-making.  Their lack of confidence stems mostly from the fact that they have not participated in the type of financial planning conversations where goals and action plans are developed.  Those conversations may sound boring, but the truth is women can be every bit as informed & empowered about money decisions as men already are.  All a woman needs to do is to take action on her desire to become more financially empowered!

When I was presented with the opportunity to lead the Second Saturday Lake Norman workshop program, I knew it was the much-needed resource I was searching for, to help empower local women who are in the early stages of separation and divorce.  When a woman is out of the loop financially, divorce can be scary.   I already knew many counselors and family lawyers who were seeking financial resources for the women clients they served, and those community connections turned out to be great legal and counseling professionals for the workshop.  Women helping to empower other women is what Second Saturday Lake Norman is all about!

As a  Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, CDFA®, I want women to understand that they are not alone as they navigate the world of divorce.  They are not alone when they feel like they don’t know what to do next.  Come to Second Saturday Lake Norman, and you will have come to the right place!

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