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We are looking for inspirational, empowering leaders to help us fulfill our mission of having a Second Saturday divorce workshop within driving distance for everyone in America. That person may be you!

Start a Second Saturday Divorce Workshop
Thank you for your interest in starting a Second Saturday Divorce Workshop.

Take a look at the Criteria and FAQs, below.

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If you like what you see and are interested in exploring the Second Saturday Divorce Workshop opportunity further, fill out the contact form and we'll be happy to contact you to talk more about fees and other specific information., creator of Second Saturday, has appeared in:


What is Considered in Evaluating Second Saturday Divorce Workshop Leader Eligibility?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. The Second Saturday Divorce Workshop Story

2. What is Second Saturday?

3. Second Saturday Deliverables

4. Leader Eligibility

5. How Are Second Saturday Areas Determined?

6. Compliance Issues for Financial Professionals

7. How Do I Become involved, and What Are the Fees?

8. What is the Next Step?

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