We are here to share stories and information that will give you the thing you need most right now: Hope that you will get through this, hope that your family will be okay, and hope for a better life when the divorce is all behind you. It's all true - and, your life will open up in ways you can't even imagine.

Anne's Story

Anne turned all of her assets over to her husband. He slept in his own room and became continually angry, controlling and abusive. He wanted her to look and dress a certain way, and questioned everything she did. Eventually, she wasn’t allowed to use the car, and he took away all access to their money.

"Meeting Ginita and finding Second Saturday made me realize I am a person, and I have rights….it gave me a whole new perspective on myself!"

Margaret's Story

When Margaret was diagnosed with breast cancer, her husband told her he “wanted someone younger and healthier with whom to share his life.” Hers is a true survivor story of illness and abuse that transformed into health, independence, success – and zip lining!

"Finding Second Saturday was such a blessing – there was a whole network of people I could turn to, and helped me feel like I wasn’t alone. It gave me hope for the future!"

Sallie's Story

Sallie was her husband’s secretary when they started dating. Seven years into their marriage he asked for a divorce because she “had gained too much weight and was no longer a trophy wife.” Learn how she turned her life completely around – and how you can do it too!

"Second Saturday gave me a new lease on life! I want everyone to know there is life after divorce, and it can be so much happier!"

Karen's Story

Karen was her husband's "best friend." as they spent many years building a highly successful business together. She was completely blindsided when her husband announced he had met a girl in a bar while on a business trip abroad and had fallen in love with her -- after only 36 hours.

"If I would have known about Second Saturday it would have helped me by knowing I wasn't alone in that struggle."