Dana Wilson

I’m a big believer in the premise that when something is needed the answer appears. In my life, I have had the joy of experiencing that “mystery” again and again. Divorce, I can say from my own personal experience, is like a club in which no one is glad they became a member. 

I recently watched and experienced someone very close to me go through a horrendous divorce. The divorce process took a huge toll on the well being of herself and her children. I don’t want to see anyone else to get hurt like that.

As a Realtor, I wanted to find a niche to distinguish myself. I found a rare certification in Divorce Real Estate. What I didn’t find, though, was a means by which to leverage that Specialty Certification to help others. Then I learned of Second Saturday and knew the pieces had fallen in place.

As a Stage 4 cancer survivor and husband of a Stage 4 cancer survivor and the dad of a 21-year-old daughter who died of cancer. I believe everything happens for a reason.

We shouldn’t have survived. We did. I believe we have an obligation to help others who feel lost.

To that end, I volunteer as a  mentor to others with my cancer, give talks to groups of patients and caregivers, donate a % of every to Cancer Care Services, volunteer as a mentor to at-risk 4th graders through a program called Academy4 and am a member of “100 Men Who Give a Damn”. 

However, I know its vital to find and have balance. So, in my personal life, I’m a chef, a red wine enthusiast, jazz/wine/occasional cigar lover, a husband, dad, grand-dad, a frequent visitor to New Orleans, an occasional actor, singer, and a frequent goof-ball.

One of my favorite quotes is:

“When you come to the end of all the light you know and are about to fall off the edge into the darkness of the unknown- faith is knowing one of two things WILL happen: you will land on something solid or you will learn how to fly.”

— (author unknown)

To whom much is given, much is expected.

I am blessed. I have been blessed. I want to help others find their blessings again.

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