Navigating Divorce: Second Saturday: What Women Need to Know About Divorce

Ladies, if you are considering divorce or in the throes of it, you'll benefit from attending this workshop where we address the emotional, legal, and financial issues of divorce. This is where you can learn what you don't know that you need to know. We do encourage you to be visible via video camera as it helps with establishing a strong community for you.

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12/09/2023, 01/12-2024, 02/10/2024/ 03/09/2024
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9:00 am - 11:45 am (Central)
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Second Saturday of each month
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Please join us for our Second Saturday Divorce Workshop where a panel of professionals will discuss the emotional, legal, and financial issues of divorce. We encourage you to use your camera as it helps create an important sense of community for the workshop since we are now having the workshop virtually.

No one wishes for divorce but many of us do. This workshop will educate you on the emotional, legal, and financial ramifications of divorce so that you don't make the decision without the information you need to make smart choices.