Jill Minette

Jill Minette

Jill MinetteI am a Second Saturday Leader because I have worked with so many clients going through the divorce process that felt unprepared and lacked the knowledge to make good decisions.

I feel that Second Saturdays empowers individuals to have that knowledge they are looking for as they go through or start the divorce process. My business, “Sensible Divorce Solutions” has allowed me to help some of these individuals but I think Second Saturdays will allow us to help more in our area. I also have been through divorce and know the struggles, stress and frustration that it can cause so helping others manage that is my passion.

In my spare time, I am a passionate reader, gardener and I love to learn! I also love to exercise, cook and drink wine. I have two children 25 and 23 and two stepsons 25 and 22. We have a son in dental school, a surgical technician, a computer analyst, and our girl is in grad school hoping to go to medical school in the Fall. They keep me busy and working! Just this week we moved to an acreage and I got a dog–so excited.

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