Julie Johnson

I have always had a penchant for finances, starting with money-handling positions in high school, college and a family business as well as numerous organizations I have belonged to…I have enjoyed “handling the finances” wherever there was a need.  I remember as a little girl being given the “junk” mail by my mother, and immediately opening it, organizing it, filing it and pretending I was “in business”.

The one thing I did not learn about as a teenager and young adult was how money really works…and I discovered that very few others learned about it either!   When decided to become a financial advisor on the heels of a divorce, I found my calling!  Learning, and then teaching, the things about money that Wall Street doesn’t want us to know became my mission.

Because of my own difficult financial experiences after divorce, I have also devoted the last 15 years supporting Second Saturday, and I have served as the Portland Director of Second Saturday workshops since November of 2016.

My greatest excitement is being able to bring financial products and services, once available only to the wealthy, to everyone.  Providing opportunities for financial independence to everyone, no matter their current financial situation is a crusade that inspires me and my colleagues, each and every day, to pursue our vision of serving those who trust us to help them with their finances.

When I’m not talking about financial literacy or serving my clients, you can find me enjoying the great outdoors, spending time with family and friends (especially my amazing 93-year-old father!), soaking up the latest movies, and restoring a historic cabin in the Mt. Hood National Forest.

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