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Please meet some of our many fantastic Second Saturday leaders!

Nikii Baker

I became a Second Saturday leader after being a participating precentor for over three years. I have found that this workshop is an incredible resource for my community, allowing the best professionals in several areas pertaining to divorce, using their experience and knowledge to help others navigate a difficult time. My core values are Truth …

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Sophia Goode

From Sophia Goode, Investment Advisor Representative: I believe it’s important for anyone going through a difficult transition to know that you are not alone. Leading a Second Saturday workshop allows me to share my financial expertise in a safe and supportive environment, and I am rewarded knowing that I can make an everlasting positive difference …

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Sophia Goode

Paige Michaelis

I started a Second Saturday to be able to support women in my community with information and empowerment around the divorce process. Having been divorced myself, I know the overwhelm and anxiety that can come with it and I hope to be able to help alleviate some of this for others. I have always been …

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Paige Michaelis

Mindy Helfrich

Being a Second Saturday Leader is essential because I genuinely believe in educating people before making significant financial decisions. After watching a family member go through a divorce late in life, I saw how complex the process could be for the entire family. Dealing with divorce involves more than emotional complications; the financial situation is …

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Mindy Helfrich

Leigh McCloskey

Life transitions are challenging to deal with. I aim to ease the financial stress of those transitions so that individuals/families can focus on their physical and emotional well-being. By building relationships based on trust and understanding, I work to help people coordinate and integrate all aspects of their personal, business, and economic lives.  Patience, diligence …

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Leigh McCloskey

Lynn Waldman

Divorce is traumatic. People come to our workshop when they are at their most vulnerable. I love our workshops because we are teaching people how to find their way through the fog of divorce, get their questions answered and have a plan for their future. I am a grandmother of six (okay, they’re step-grandchildren, but …

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Lynn Waldman

Leslie Garske

My purpose in being a Second Saturday Leader is to bring people together. Not only do I bring individuals who are contemplating divorce together to educate them about their options, but I also bring together compassionate professionals who specialize in divorce to build a team of support and resources for our workshop guests, current clients, …

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Bob Rogers

My interests are running, cycling, spending time with my wife and 2 kids, traveling, and wine I am a Second Saturday leader because I feel that many people thinking about or going through a divorce feel powerless because they lack the knowledge and resources that help guide them into making good decisions not only for …

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Bob Rogers

Ann Alsina

Ann Alsina believes that the basic tenets of financial planning are relationships and client education. After spending years working in this male-dominated industry while raising children and managing a household, she founded CovingtonAlsina in 2012 to further her passion for providing advice to other strong, successful women. When Ann began to see so many women …

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Ann Alsina

Maryann Ruck

Big passions for me include education and women’s economic self-sufficiency, both of which made Second Saturday really appeal to me.  As a CPA (license inactive) I have the forensic accounting skills that so many divorcing people need to help them understand their financial situation.  It is really meaningful to me to be able to have …

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Maryann Ruck

Steve Fatula

Why Second Saturday?  I chose a career in the legal field because I wanted to help people. Divorce is a tough subject to deal with. It is emotional. It is stressful. It is expensive. Many people do not need an attorney, or cannot afford an attorney, but just need some help. As a Second Saturday …

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Steve Fatula

Jill Minette

I am a Second Saturday Leader because I have worked with so many clients going through the divorce process that felt unprepared and lacked the knowledge to make good decisions. I feel that Second Saturdays empowers individuals to have that knowledge they are looking for as they go through or start the divorce process. My …

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Jill Minette

Nadine Burns

Life happens. You need a financial professional who has not only knowledge but the experience to get you through whatever your life throws at you. Nadine Burns is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional who has seen a lot over her 30 years in business – personally financing the college education of two children, divorce and …

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Nadine Burns

Kelli Lanino

Kelli Lanino – Riverhead, New York ” I am a Second Saturday Leader because I believe a person contemplating divorce should be armed with information and know they are not alone and there are professionals out there who care and want to help them through this difficult period in their life. I am married 35 …

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Kelli Lanino

Carol Hager

Divorce is a seven-letter word that can be scary, liberating, and/or possibly devastating to women and families. As a Second Saturday Leader, my mission is to provide a safe, non-threatening or judgmental place for women to learn about divorce.  I believe women make great decisions if they know their options and understand what those options …

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Carol Hager

Jeneen Slack

Jeneen Slack, CFP®, CDFA®, has expertise and specialized training in data analysis and issues of divorce. She works closely with her clients and their legal counsel to deliver a professional and discrete analysis of the short and long-term financial impact of the proposed divorce settlements. Developing a strategy and executing a plan based on the …

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Dave Guido

Upon learning about the existence of Second Saturday I knew I had to be a part of this. My divorce nightmare was tough and left a lasting impression on me – I know the overwhelm of being a single dad, the financial changes we all experience and the emotional toll on everyone involved. Second Saturday …

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Dave Guido

Melissa Norwicke

Melissa Babyak Norwicke, CDFA Precision Brokerage, LLC. Ledgewood, NJ “Prepare for Tomorrow – Live for Today” Investments, Insurance, Financial Planning, Pre/Post-Divorce Planning Who am I? For me, this is one of the easiest questions to answer. I am my father’s daughter. This answer is why Precision Brokerage LLC may be the right fit for you. …

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Eileen Stoner

A woman in a man’s world.  Imagine having the same conversation over and over again with men who “handle all the finances” for their wives?  Imagine that your coworkers are also mostly men? As I’ve guided clients towards their investment goals over the years, they frequently tell me “my wife is not interested in this …

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Donna Cates

Years ago as I was marketing my CDFA® skills to family law attorneys, I started getting referrals from these attorneys but post-divorce. I discovered that many women were making poor choices regarding their settlement options and I thought I could have helped educate both them and their attorneys prior to signing agreements. In 2008, I …

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Dana Wilson

I’m a big believer in the premise that when something is needed the answer appears. In my life, I have had the joy of experiencing that “mystery” again and again. Divorce, I can say from my own personal experience, is like a club in which no one is glad they became a member.  I recently …

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Richard Coles

I’ve worked as a Certified Financial Planner for over 30 years in England and the US, helping my clients to achieve their hopes and dreams. During that time, I’ve seen how divorce can disrupt couples’ plans for their shared future and potentially dash hopes of financial security. Therefore, in 2009, I became a Certified Divorce …

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Scott Small

As a Second Saturday Leader, my mission is to help guide those down a path I’ve already traveled – with the goal of trading fear and anxiety with knowledge, education, and understanding. Millions have gone before us, and millions more will follow. I wish I knew then what I know now and providing this information …

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Julie Johnson

I have always had a penchant for finances, starting with money-handling positions in high school, college and a family business as well as numerous organizations I have belonged to…I have enjoyed “handling the finances” wherever there was a need.  I remember as a little girl being given the “junk” mail by my mother, and immediately …

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Michele Laws

I am a Second Saturday leader because I am passionate about educating people that are considering or going through a divorce  — I want them to feel empowered and secure about the divorce process. I have a daughter named Sophia. I enjoy spending time with my family as well as running, painting and new-found enjoyment, …

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Jennifer Yankowsky

I am a Second Saturday leader because I want to use my personal and professional experience with divorce to help others. The divorce process can be scary and overwhelming. I offer women a safe, encouraging place to educate themselves before entering into this major life event. My hobbies include Zumba, shuttling my 2 sons to …

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Jennifer Moore

I am a child of divorced parents with a mother who was not entirely financially savvy and independent. After my parents’ divorce, my mom had to learn financial independence, as well as independence in other areas of life. She is a strong woman and absolutely grew from her experiences, but witnessing her struggles and the …

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Kitty M. Hedges

As a Certified Financial Planner™ and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®, I have a passion to help women find their voice in the financial arena. As a result, I’ve developed several key mantras over my 20+ years of experience: • There is no such thing as a dumb question • Gaining knowledge is a balm for …

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Hugh Algeo

As a family law attorney and Second Saturday Leader, my role is to educate individuals about the process of divorce and to advocate for my client’s short-term needs and long-term goals. Second Saturday provides individuals with the opportunity to learn and understand what to expect from the professionals that facilitate the process of a divorce. …

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Melanie Johnson

Director of Education + Senior Second Saturday Leader Melanie began her career in 2005, where she was President and CEO for her own company, Athena Financial Group, a comprehensive, independent wealth management firm. She is the founder of Divorce Financial Solutions, where she offers professional guidance and expertise required to make an informed and educated financial …

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